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Here's the SCOOP

Gelato ~ Sorbet Gourmet Cafe

On our first trip to Italy in 1986 we fell in love with the freshly made gelato only found in "mom and pop" gelaterias where local ingredients are combined with fresh milk and cream to produce velvety smooth creamy gelato. After several years in high tech we wanted to make a life change. We wanted to start a business where we would be able to be involved in our community and be creative. This decision resulted in opening our first Here's the SCOOP in April, 2004. We trained with one of Italy's foremost gelato chefs both in Italy  and here in the USA


We are fortunate to be located in the community of Montecito Santa Barbara that has one of the finest Farmer's Markets in the country. We work closely with many of the local growers and use their fresh fruits in our sorbet and gelato. Always loving to cook and experiment with recipes, we have come up with many of our own creations as well as preserving many of the unique Italian flavors.